15th Running of the Soulstice Mountain Trail Run, October 11, 2014


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 Course Description: This is a high-altitude cross-country footrace along forest service road and forest trail with course elevations between 7900 and 8800 feet.  The course is composed of two loops laid out in a figure-8. The Start/Finish area and primary water station is located at the intersection of the two loops. Full Loop racers will run a total of 11 miles, running both the first loop (5 miles on Forest Service Road) and the second loop (6 miles on exquisite forest trails)... Half Loop racers will run the second loop only. Full Loop racers will have (3) water stations and Short Loop racers will have one.  (All racers however, need to consider this race primarily unassisted and may need to consider bringing their own portable hydration system.)  Click here for a topographic map of the race or a Google Earth image of the Sunset Trail loop. Read about the 2011 Soulstice Run in the Arizona Daily Sun's race coverage.

Soulstice Results: 2014; 2013; 2012; 2011;2010;2009;2008;2007; 2006;2005; 2004;2003; 2002.





First Loop: Rolling fire road and open utility line. Heads out west on Shultz Pass Road to the gas pipeline. Very rolling section composed of the "Seven Sisters". This has short to medium hills with severe vertical gain (very rocky, loose terrain). Pipeline to Old Weatherford Road. Up Weatherford to junction with lower Friedelein Priarie Road. Return to Start/Finish area.

Second Loop: Forest trails exclusively. Up Sunset Trail, over summit to Upper Brookbank Trail. Right on Brookbank to Lower Brookbank. Right and ascend to Dry Lakes Hills. Through the Dry Lakes, down Little Gnarly Trail to Shultz Creek Trail. Right on Shultz Creek to Start/Finish area.


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